New 100% digital Out-of-Home provider JOLT partners with Australia’s three leading SSPs

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JOLT’s partnership with Hivestack, Broadsign, and Vistar Media connects brands with high-quality, engaged, pioneering audiences, programmatically.

JOLT, Australia’s newest 100% digital Out-of-Home network and free electric vehicle (EV) charging platform, has partnered with the country’s three leading supplier side platforms (SSPs) Hivestack, Broadsign, and Vistar Media.

Brands can now programmatically reach their desired audience segments across JOLT’s network – precisely, effectively and in real-time – with 100% of JOLT’s inventory enabled for programmatic trading.

Commenting on the partnership, JOLT Head of Sales and Platforms Michael Selden said, ”JOLT is thrilled to be partnering with Hivestack, Broadsign, and Vistar Media, enabling brands to connect with high-quality, conscious, engaged and pioneering audiences”.

JOLT’s programmatic momentum across their 100% digital network, along with their recent Seedooh partnership, which enables verification of its entire network demonstrates that they are one of Australia’s most truly native digital players. 

“Now, more than ever before, brands are turning to environmentally-friendly and sustainable media partners to engage with the customers of tomorrow.” Mr Selden said.

“JOLT’s core business is built on sustainable, green principles, literally from the ground up, and advertising partners can proudly leverage this authenticity and halo its effect in the market.”

Audiences today are well attuned to the climate change challenges Australia faces. Being an EV charging company running off renewable energy, JOLT aims to quickly enable the transition to EVs, contributing to a zero-emission future. 

JOLT’s Out-of-Home advertising and EV-charging sites are positioned in optimum locations, starting with metropolitan Sydney and Adelaide before expanding to other states. The first digital billboards in Sydney were launched as part of JOLT’s electric vehicle charging infrastructure rollout with Ausgrid last month.

Matthew Bushby, Managing Director, ANZ at Hivestack said, “We are thrilled to partner with JOLT at a time when environmental and social issues are top of mind for both consumers and businesses alike. With JOLT’s EV charging inventory, we are excited to offer advertisers a revolutionary way to precisely target audiences and deliver the right messages to this fast-growing segment of socially conscious consumers, at exactly the right time in their day.”

Ben Allman, Broadsign Sales Director for APAC, said “Witnessing JOLT’s vision, making electric transport more accessible to Australians, come to life has been nothing short of remarkable. JOLT and Broadsign have developed a deep partnership, with JOLT using the entire suite of Broadsign products to manage campaigns, optimise yield and of course, drive programmatic revenue via our supply-side platform, Broadsign Reach.”

About JOLT

JOLT is Australia’s new 100% digital out-of-home advertising and free, fast-charging electric vehicle (EV) network. Owning an EV should be easy but with our city’s infrastructure playing catch-up, ownership is out of reach for many Aussies – until now. As Australia’s leading EV charge point operator, our mission is to make electric transport more accessible to Australians through zero cost, fast charging. Using innovative tech, enabled by our partnerships with Governments and companies such as Ausgrid, we’re creating a functional and sustainable charging network that runs off renewable energy, contributing to a zero-emission future. JOLT connects advertisers with high-quality, conscious, engaged and pioneering audiences. Move Freely with JOLT.

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