JOLT’s free, fast and clean EV chargers contribute significant economic benefit to local communities

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Each charging station could generate up to $90,000 revenue for local businesses per year

New research conducted by JOLT, Australia’s sustainable electric vehicle charging network, released today, has found 87% of its customers spend at local businesses while they charge their electric vehicles, resulting in up to $90,000* in incremental spending annually (per charging station) in local communities.

JOLT’s research demonstrates the significant contribution of its extensive charging network to local economies. The data, gathered from hundreds of EV drivers across JOLT’s customer database, showcases the flow-on effect of JOLT’s EV charging on the local economy, with JOLT customers using their time while charging to spend locally. 

The data revealed that EV drivers specifically visit retail locations where there are JOLT EV street side chargers, and wouldn’t have visited if the charger was not there. The majority used the 30-minute charging session to shop, grab a takeaway coffee or enjoy a meal in a local café or restaurant. In addition, 68% noted the importance of having access to an EV charger near local businesses.

More than half of those surveyed (57%) said they aligned their charging with local retail activity, with 70% of customers spending up to $50 at local businesses during a single charging session.

The figures indicate that a network of 10 JOLT chargers in a local community has the power to contribute $900,000* to help local economies thrive.  A single JOLT charging station has the ability to generate up to $90,000 worth of incremental revenue for local businesses*, with users spending an average of $25 per charging session. As EV ownership continues to grow, the figure is expected to rise to $150,000 per charger.

In addition, the majority (59%) of JOLT customers return to their favourite chargers, highlighting the economic benefits of location loyalty and the retail flow-on effect.

JOLT’s General Manager – Commercial, Stuart Moffatt, said the data demonstrates the significant value proposition JOLT EV charging brings for councils, private landowners and local retail brands by boosting local communities and economies, with greater customer loyalty. “JOLT provides a turn-key charging solution for state governments, councils and private land owners at zero cost for them. The latest customer survey provides a glimpse into the positive economic flow-on effect of JOLT’s charging network. Not only are our chargers powering a greener future, but they’re also delivering significant investment in local economies, together with supporting retail and hospitality spending,” he said.

“We know that JOLT customers boost local economies – our data shows that people specifically visit retail locations where there are JOLT EV chargers nearby and nearly 60% of customers said they were unlikely to visit a location if there wasn’t a charger there.

“It’s fantastic to see JOLT customers efficiently matching their spending activity to charging dwell time. It goes to show the impact of JOLT’s charging network on local communities and its ability to directly contribute to the local economy.”

JOLT users also demonstrated their support for the EV charging network, with customers saying: 

“I can’t emphasise enough [that I] wouldn’t spend a cent at the locations of the chargers if the chargers weren’t there. They take me to places I wouldn’t otherwise visit.”

“It’s a great use of time – I’m able to kill two birds with one stone.”

“Having an EV charger near local businesses makes me patronise the business more often.”

JOLT’s access to customer data is unparalleled in the EV charger industry, making partnering with JOLT an even more attractive proposition for local government and private landlords.

“The data is providing integral insights into JOLT customers and their habits, motivations, and sensibilities. These insights provide a critical perspective into spending behaviours, particularly in local areas. For government, this data is pivotal to showcase the power of facilitating JOLT infrastructure to not only provide free, fast and clean charging for local EV drivers, but to help drive local spending,” Moffatt said.

JOLT is continuing to expand its operations in Australia, following the roll-out of additional EV charging stations in NSW with Transport for NSW, and a variety of other local council and land owner partnerships in Australia and New Zealand. It has become a preferred EV charging provider for agencies globally, offering a cost-effective solution that delivers high ROI for organisations of all sizes.

Sources: ^ JOLT customer survey of 419 regular customers conducted during January 2024.

*Calculation: 10 sessions per day x $25 x 365 days per year. Multiplied by 10 chargers for a network.

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