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Download the app

Download the JOLT App. Register in just 2-3 minutes. Free charging is yours.

Search & Plug in

Find your nearest JOLT location. Pull up. Plug in. Power up.

Enjoy free charging

Kick back. Grab a snack. And be on your way fast.



There are a number ways to start your charge:

  1. Scan the QR Code via your JOLT app for your connector (CCS 2 or CHAdeMO) or
  2. Input the 4 digit connector code (found on the charger) into the app or 
  3. Select the station in the map, then click the connector that is compatible with your car

No matter how you start your charge, make sure to:

  • Turn off your car
  • Start a session
  • Then plug the connector to your vehicle

End charging session in the JOLT app

Remove the connector from your vehicle.

Charging stations also have a physical stop button on the chargers, near the cables

Our app provides up-to-date information about the availability of chargers.

If a charger is available, the location on the map will show as green.

If a charger is unavailable, the location on the map will show up as black.

If a charger is out of order, the location on the map will show as grey. 

Everyone has the ability to get 7 kWh free – daily!

Users are asked to choose their subscription plan during signup– just click 7 kWh Free

Miss it during signup? No worries!

Click Account > Membership> Upgrade and choose your subscription plan

Open the app>Go to account> Find 'Membership'


Try force closing your app and reopening

Need help?

Reach out to our Driver Support Team for help.