Get a better EV charging experience with the new JOLT app 

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As the Electric Vehicle market continues to grow, so does the need for simple and efficient public charging infrastructure. We’ve heard from our customers and deemed it was time to upgrade our charging experience so it’s easier for drivers to fuel up their EV and move freely with JOLT.  

We are excited to announce our latest updates to our JOLT app which will make it easier for drivers to find and use our charging stations. But not to worry, all EV drivers will still get the free 7 kWh every day across the entire JOLT network. 

Same free and fast charging, but better. 

Key features of the new JOLT app

  1. Enhanced user interface 

One of the key features of our updated app is its enhanced user interface. We’ve made improvements to the design and layout, making it easier for users to navigate and find what they need, including directional assistance in the chosen navigation platform and improved dashboard for real-time charging status update. With the simple and intuitive interface, users can quickly search for charging stations, view station details, and start a charging session with just a few taps.

  1. Improved dashboard 

We’ve had customers find themselves go just a bit over the 7 kWh away from the chargers. With improved dashboard with real-time charging data, users can ensure they know when they’re about to reach the daily free 7 kWh charging limit and decide whether to stay and charge for longer or unplug and drive off. This way, there are no surprise charging receipts. 

  1. In-app guidance 

Another significant update to our app is the addition of in-app guidance to resolve charging session errors that users face. We understand how frustrating it can be when you’re at the charger and you can’t get it to work. This feature allows drivers to see key information related to their charging sessions based on frequently asked questions and prompts the users to ensure that they’re set up for a successful charging session.  

Let us know 

We still ask for the same details from you to make sure your account is set up accurately to enjoy all the benefits of the JOLT charging network. If you’re experiencing problems with the new app, please contact us so we can help make this better. After all, we updated the app to make it easier for our valued customers. Our updated JOLT app represents a significant step forward in providing a seamless and user-friendly experience for EV drivers and we will continue to improve it as we hear from our customers. 

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