Clean Futures: industry first ‘carbon negative’ verification

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EV charging/Out-of-Home advertising network, JOLT, raises the bar for sustainability transparency in the advertising industry, with Audi and PHD.

JOLT, Australia’s free, fast EV charging and digital Out-of-Home advertising network has today announced its industry first ‘carbon negative’ media program, ‘Clean Futures’. JOLT is the only media provider in Australia to have third-party verification through the world-leading greenhouse gas crediting program Verra Verified Carbon Standard (VCS).

JOLT has joined forces with ‘Clean Futures’ launch partner Audi, who utilises JOLT’s Out-of-Home network to connect with high-quality, pioneering and engaged audiences.

Doug McNamee, CEO of JOLT said “JOLT aims to raise the bar, with a means of quantifying the positive impact our advertising solutions have on consumers and broader communities, being ‘carbon negative’, whilst also improving transparency around carbon metrics. ‘Carbon negativity’ provides a genuine, measurable impact on the environment, not to be mistaken with ‘carbon neutrality’, where carbon emitted is purely cancelled out.”

Brands’ ‘carbon negative’ media campaigns on the JOLT network generate verified carbon credits, where more carbon is removed from the atmosphere than what is emitted which is enabled by JOLT’s provision of free EV charging that accelerates EV uptake and reduces petrol cars on roads. Transitioning to zero emissions transport will have a significant impact on climate change globally, given 27% of all carbon emissions come from the transportation sector.

General Manager of Marketing for Audi Australia, Nick Reid said “Electric mobility is the central element of a more sustainable transportation system and we are committed to maximising renewable energy use at Audi Australia which doesn’t just end with our EV models. Sustainability stretches across the business. By partnering with JOLT’s Clean Futures program, we can utilise ‘carbon negative’ media, to ultimately drive EV adoption with confidence that we’re making a direct positive impact on the environment and reducing carbon emissions as a brand.”

PHD CEO Mark Jarrett said, “Renewing this partnership is vindication of the approach both Audi and JOLT have taken over the past two years. For us at PHD, it’s rewarding to be involved in an initiative that doesn’t just represent effective marketing but also contributes to building out infrastructure for a more sustainable future.”

As JOLT’s network continues to expand, more brands will have increasingly scalable opportunities to join the initial partnering brands and media agencies already starting to measure, verify and recognise their positive impact on the community through the JOLT Clean Futures program.

JOLT is building Australia’s first network of free, fast charging stations. Owning an EV should be easy but with our city’s infrastructure playing catch-up, ownership is out of reach for many Aussies – until now. As Australia’s leading EV charge point operator, our mission is to make electric transport more accessible to Australians through zero cost, fast charging. Using innovative tech, enabled by our partnerships with Governments and companies such as Ausgrid, we’re creating a functional and sustainable charging network that runs off renewable energy, contributing to a zero-emission future. Move Freely with JOLT.

The Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) is the world’s most widely used comprehensive voluntary GHG certification program. A program that has been awarded 9 times for “Best GHG Crediting Programme” by Environmental Finance Awards, including in 2021.

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