JOLT selected to deploy Free and Fast Electric Vehicle charging stations in ACT. 

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Today the ACT Government has announced the plans to upgrade its EV charging network with more than 70 new public charging stations across the Territory.

At JOLT, we’re excited to be selected to be deploying our free, fast charging network in ACT and help the ACT Government reduce the cost of EV transition for the people of Canberra.

JOLT CEO, Doug McNamee, said he was very pleased to be expanding JOLT’s network into Canberra with the ACT Government to help solve the key barriers to EV adoption such as access to charging, cost and range anxiety.

Across the JOLT EV charging network, all electric vehicle drivers will have access to 7 kWh of free charging per day, providing around 40 to 50 km of range and a 15-minute charging time, depending on the type of vehicle. 

Minister for Water, Energy and Emissions Reduction Shane Rattenbury said  “We know that zero emissions vehicles (ZEVs) are the future of not only the ACT, but also the global transport system,” Minister Rattenbury said.

“Access to fast, reliable charging stations will help combat range-anxiety and provide EV drivers, and those looking to switch to an EV, peace of mind that they are able to charge their car when they need.

“Today’s EV batteries have enough power to meet the average Australian’s driving needs for over a week – and this technology is only getting better. Most EV owners also choose to charge their cars at home, but there is still a need to expand our network of public charging infrastructure.

“Installation of the charging infrastructure is anticipated to commence before the end of the year, with most chargers expected to be online in 2023.

“Under the ACT Zero Emissions Vehicle Strategy 2022-30, the ACT Government is committed to expanding the ACT’s charging network to at least 180 public charging stations by 2025.

“By supporting the transition to ZEVs we are not only helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and become a net zero emissions city by 2045, we’re future-proofing our city for tomorrow’s transport needs.” 

About JOLT

JOLT is building Australia’s network of free, fast charging stations. Owning an EV should be easy but with our city’s infrastructure playing catch-up, ownership is out of reach for many Australians – until now. JOLT has the exclusive e-mobility charging infrastructure investment by BlackRock, Real Assets Renewable Energy Fund, and is not reliant on Government grants and subsidies to make a scaled investment into EV fast charging infrastructure. As Australia’s leading EV charge point operator, our mission is to make electric transport more accessible to drivers through zero cost, fast charging. Using innovative tech, enabled by our partnerships with

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