JOLT partners with Polestar in integrated, customer-centric campaign to celebrate the future of ‘Electric Living‘

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JOLT, Australia’s third party verified, sustainable digital-out-of-home and electric vehicle charging network, has partnered with Polestar, the Swedish electric performance car brand, to launch an integrated, customer insight-led campaign. It celebrates Polestar drivers’ ‘Electric Living’ on the road, whilst debunking ‘range anxiety’ – the common barrier to electric vehicle (EV) ownership, through a dynamic, data-led approach.

The campaign harnesses the aligned values and synergy between Polestar and JOLT, with both brands dedicated to advancing a sustainable, electric future. Through a customer-centric, two part campaign, JOLT builds brand awareness and affinity for Polestar, showcasing the joy of driving a Polestar and empowering potential EV drivers across its digital out-of-home network.

The first campaign component uses live, dynamic technology to power a content-led series featuring the headline, “Round Trip, one charge”, showcasing iconic driving trip locations in NSW within a 655-kilometre1 round trip from relevant JOLT charging/out-of-home sites, and highlighting the Polestar 2’s superior driving range.

The second part of the campaign features user generated content from a variety of real Polestar owners, including the passion they feel for their Polestar, and the lifestyle it enables, using the hashtag #ElectricLiving and bringing to the forefront the things they love about their EV.

Polestar Head of Marketing, Johnathan Williams, said: “Through this integrated campaign with JOLT, we are excited to bring authentically localised content to JOLT’s Australian audiences. Together with JOLT we not only dispel myths of range anxiety but also ignite a passion for ‘Electric Living’, showcasing the joy of driving a Polestar and empowering prospective EV drivers.”

JOLT Head of Marketing, Sophie Tyerman, said: “This integrated partnership leverages the aligned values and objectives of Polestar and JOLT, both accelerating the transition to sustainable, electric mobility. The campaign creates relevance and brand love for Polestar in a meaningful way and is a demonstration of JOLT’s unique ability to harness customer insights and deliver engaging campaigns that land with our audiences.”

The campaign follows a significant growth phase for JOLT, as it continues to expand its Australian footprint via partnerships with Transport for NSW, multiple local councils and land owners, and further expansion in New Zealand’s Christchurch. JOLT recently launched its in-app advertising solution, and when combined with its

digital out-of-home solution, provides opportunity for brands to connect with high-value broadcast and one-to-one audiences across multiple stages of the marketing funnel.

JOLT also announced a major deal with Canadian telecommunications company TELUS this year for 5,000 EV chargers to be rolled out across Canada, and has launched in the UK with chargers now rolling out in London, and thousands planned across the UK in the coming years.

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