JOLT launches industry first in-app advertising solution – opportunity to engage with high-value broadcast and one-to-one audiences

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Leading automotive brand Audi announced as JOLT’s in-app advertising launch partner, extending its broadcast partnership
Opportunity for brands to engage across multiple stages of the marketing funnel

JOLT, Australia’s third party verified, sustainable digital-out-of-home and electric vehicle charging network, today announced the launch of a first-to-market product that enables brands to further engage with high value audiences with its new in-app advertising solution.

The first of its kind in Australia’s media industry, this solution provides an unparalleled one-to-one connection with customers whilst charging their EVs at JOLT stations, providing brands a prolonged engagement window of more than 30 minutes.

The new product now allows brands to engage with JOLT’s audiences across multiple stages of the marketing funnel, utilising the dual spectrums of broadcast, via JOLT’s digital out-of-home network, and in-app advertising, with engaged and highly desirable EV driver audiences.

The JOLT mobile app was designed with customer experience at the forefront. It provides information about JOLT’s charger locations, navigation to the closest charger, live charger availability, and allows customers to track charging status in real-time, providing a unique environment for brands to connect with highly engaged customers.

JOLT has again partnered with one of its foundation clients, Audi, to launch the in-app advertising solution, with the leading car manufacturer using JOLT’s in-app ads, along with JOLT’s digital out-of-home network, to create both awareness and encourage action for the launch of its latest luxury EV model, the Audi Q8 e-tron. JOLT’s in-app banner ads are clickable, encouraging customers to take action, such as booking a test drive or to  ‘build their own Audi’.

Kit Bashford, Audi’s Marketing Communications lead, said: “Audi has a clear mission in driving towards an electric future, so JOLT is a natural partner for us. The opportunity to reach and engage one-on-one with EV drivers in this unique, contextually-relevant driving environment was a valuable opportunity as we launch the Q8 e-tron. JOLT provides the ability to effectively hyper-target and engage with our desired audience both at a broadcast and one-to-one level.”

JOLT NSW Sales Director, Hannah Pritchard, said: “Delivering 100% share of voice, and a proven extended dwell time on the JOLT app, this solution provides market leading engagement, and is a powerful complement to traditional digital channels. JOLT’s network usage base is continually growing – increasing by an incredible 602% in the past 12 months.

“Our Australian industry-first solution allows brands to own the end-to-end charging experience, leveraging the half an hour-plus window of user dwell time. This also enables guaranteed brand exposure due to the utility that the JOLT app provides customers. There is nothing like it in the media environment.

“We’re thrilled to have a leading brand like Audi on board as our in-app advertising launch partner. Audi was a foundation partner when JOLT launched in 2021 and is a like-minded brand with similar objectives of driving EV adoption and helping to reduce emissions for better climate outcomes.”

The new advertising solution announcement follows a significant growth phase for JOLT, as it continues to expand its Australian footprint via partnerships with Transport for NSW, multiple local councils and land owners, and further expansion in New Zealand’s Christchurch.

JOLT also announced a major deal with TELUS this year, for 5,000 EV chargers to be rolled out across Canada, and has launched in the UK with chargers now rolling out in London, and thousands planned across the UK in the coming years.

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